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Thread: washing machine drain code?

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    Default washing machine drain code?

    I just bought a house and am doing some major remodeling before I move in. I am doing it all myself. The building inspector said the drain pipe for my washing maching was out of code, something about a vent and a trap. Can anyone help me with this? If so I appreciate it very much.
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    Default drain

    Not really, because we do not know what the existing washing machine drain looks like and why he turned it down. All we can tell you is that a washing machine drain, or any fixture drain for that matter, requires a trap, and a vent between the trap and the main waste pipe. But there are innumerable ways that requirement can be met, and just as many ways that they can be installed impropely.

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    Right now the drain pipe is just a straight pipe into the floor, no vent or trap.


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