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Thread: jet pump problems

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    Default jet pump problems

    I'm trying to get a jet pump working again after not using it for a few years.
    (I was told that it is a jet pump system...two pipes going out)

    I primed the pump and have water pressure of app. 38 psi. at the pump housing. The pump keeps running but the pressure will not build any higher than 38 psi. I have no water going to the pressure tank. The tank has 20 psi. of air pressure. What could be keeping the water from going into the pressure tank?

    The tank is a Well Trol WX 102. The only thing between the pump housing and the tank is some sort of valve that is spring loaded. I tried adjusting the valve with no change. Is this what is called a check valve and could it be keeping the water from the pressure tank? Thank you for any help.

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