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Thread: 1960's Crane Bathroom Faucet

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    Default 1960's Crane Bathroom Faucet

    I am trying to replace the entire stem on both of the hot and cold water...

    1. Water is hooked up fine, if stems are off and water is turned on there is pressure
    2. When I put both of the stems in and turn the water on the shut off valve I get a trickle of water if I turn the top threaded piece.
    3. I have checked for interior rust, it appears fine. I am wondering if there is a special way to put in the stems...ie. if I am screwing them in too far...I tried adjusting this also, the so called length of putting them in.

    any suggestions would be great...thank you!

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    I really can't under a thing you said, but if they are 1960s its probably a "Crane" "dial ease" faucet.

    The washers and stems are like no other faucet.

    Can you describe the stem and washer?

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    Default yes, replacing both dial eze valves

    yes, I am replacing both of the dial eze valves....the entire bronzish piece that screws in from the top of the faucet.

    after replacing both dial ease and turn on the water from the supply below, I get no water out of the faucet.

    I am wondering if there is a trick to replacing the dial ease....
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    Default Crane

    Make sure that you removed the old washer from the bonnet. In other words did you keep the old washer when you put in the new stem and washer and o-ring?

    Don't understand why you have low flow unless the aerator is plugged or there is an obstruction inside at the spout.

    I always liked that faucet and the way it repaired.

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    Default dial-eze

    If you have water without the stem, and none with the stem in, then the problem is in the faucet, probably a plugged aerator. There is almost no way you could turn the stem on and not have water flow through it, especially to have it happen on both sides.


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