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Thread: well pump problem

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    Default well pump problem

    i just bought a house that had been winterized. after turning on power to the well and check that all valves are open i am having a problem
    i have great pressure at the spicket between the pump and the tank
    pump cycles on and runs until pressure is built and the pump remains off until a valve is turned on however the pressure at the house is low enough to stop with a little force using your thumb. i have taken the piping loose at the last valve in the line before entering house and the results are the same
    i can't understand why i have outstanding pressure at the well but not at the house
    am i missing a flow control valve or something done to the well system when it was winterized
    please help
    thanks in advance

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    Check for a leak between the tank and the point where it enters the house. If there is no flow, the pressure should be the same throughout the system.

    This is a time for pressure gauges at both ends that you can check with and without flow.

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    Do you have any "whole house filters" in line anywhere. Or a water softener, iron filter etc?



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