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Thread: Re-routing a waste stack branch line

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    Default Re-routing a waste stack branch line

    I am remodeling some attic space in my condominium and need to re-route a waste stack branch line from one of two bathrooms. The re-route is necessary since the original plumbers and/or builder never thought that anyone would use this space and installed this line about 4 inches above the top of the floor joists (aka, if I don't move it I will constantly trip over it once I make the space livable.

    Here are my questions:

    1) What is the difference between schedule 40 PVC and DWV PVC pipe? For this job, does it matter which I use?

    2) I noticed that the section of the original work that was horizontal to the floor joists had a small angle (slightly higher where it met the main stack and slightly lower to where it met the vertical line from the bathroom). Do I need recreate this angle in my new work?

    3) Are there any limitations (I live in VA) to my running some of this new branch line close to the roof joists?

    Many thanks.


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    There are few limitations on how you run it as long as it keeps that slight uphill grade from the pipe in the wall to the one going out the roof.


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