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Thread: Cast Iron Expanding Closet Flange for 4" Galvanized Colored Pipe?

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    Default Cast Iron Expanding Closet Flange for 4" Galvanized Colored Pipe?

    Hi, Thank you for this forum,

    My toilet need a new closet flange. The drain pipe going to it is 4" OD galvanived colored pipe that is soldered on the outside apparently with lead to about 2" of black colored pipe (hopefully threaded) and the 2" of black colored pipe attaches to the cast iron elbow entering into the the cast iron stack.

    The wax seal is good but the flange has seperated from the floor and whatever seal held the flange to the galvanized colored drain pipe is broken so the toilet rocks.

    I don't want to replace the flange with one that needs oakum and melted lead. I want to use a flange like that Oakey 4x3 replacement flange that easily expands into the inside of 4" cast iron pipe (not Oakey's Twist-N-Fit, the other one). But Oakey seems only to make those in PVC and I'd like to know if someone makes a good one in cast iron?? I worry PVC isn't strong enough for a toilet that is just secured by the flange bolts only and not attached to the floor.

    I don't know much about plumbing so I don't know if this is an unusual situation or totally completely normal and the above Oakey pvc replacement flange would be a no brainer. But as far as I'm able to assess, a cast iron expanding seal flange (or whatever they're called) would solve my problems, possibly in combination with a red ring thing, flange heigh extenders, etc., which I have a handle on.

    Thank you very much four your time! After a bad flange job 2 years ago I'm ready to do it myself.


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    Default flange

    We have absolutely no idea what you are working with. There is no galvanized pipe that is 4" o.d., and none of it is "colored" either. What color is it? The rest of your description is also hard to correlate to a normal installation, so a picture may be necessary. In any case, a flange that works for PVC/ABS will also work with cast iron or galvanized, assuming you have standard sized piping.

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    If the piping goes from 4" to 2" before going into the stack, that is a problem as well - you can go bigger, but never smaller in your piping drains. If the flange is anchored to the floor properly, then you caulk the three front/side area of the toilet to the floor, it isn't going anywhere, so plastic vs metal doesn't really matter.
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