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Thread: new pre-soldered copper fittings

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    Default new pre-soldered copper fittings

    Has anyone tryed those new-fangled pre-soldered copper fittings that the home centers are selling now, the ones with the ridges on each end. There almost twice the price of a standard fitting. The manufacturer says that they save time and are less expensive to use since you dont need the 3.5 inches of solder per joint. And you dont clean them. If anyone has used them please comment. - Richnj

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    I have seen them at HD and tried a few. They were the about same price as the others. They contain less copper so shouldn't be much more expensive.

    I didn't find them any improvement over standard fittings if you have good soldering technique. I found that the Oatey No. 95 flux with self tinning is very good and minimizes leaks.

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    Don't like anything about the concept! Another one stop shop... I like taking my time and doing things right, and since I feel like those fittings are providing short cuts I won't even try them

    Is that being too rigid and narrow minded? Is it defying the new in favour of the old? Not sure, but I like sticking with what I know...

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    I prefer the manual method.
    The pre-soldereds don't give me enough of a bead for my own peace-of-mind.
    The few times I've used them, I've always fed extra solder into the joint.

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    Thumbs down

    This has been discussed in the past. About the only time there might be reason to consider using one or two is if the fitting had to be installed in a very cramped location where it would be difficult to reach to apply solder to a conventional fitting. Personally, I'd find a way to get the solder to it anyway.

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    Default I don't trust it

    I am definately an amature when it comes to plumbing so I'm assuming that's who they are trying to target with these but I was not very confident that it was a good idea. Just seems like something that you would hear about 5yrs down the road.

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    #1 Anyone needing to use 3.5" of solder to do a joint doesn't know how to solder.

    #2 A waste of $$$$

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    Default joint

    And even if they did use that much solder, it would still cost less than the added cost of those fittings.


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