Hi, total gnooblar here begging for advice (so what's new, eh? ). Last night I was taking a shower and when I pushed down on the switch (the diverter?), the tub spout popped loose from its caulk about halfway. Nothing else seemed to be wrong with it and I planned on re-caulking it today, but this morning when my fiance started taking a shower a pretty bad leak started. It was leaking behind the wall, I guess, since all she noticed was a drop in pressure in the shower - but I noticed plenty of water coming through the ceiling (it's a second-story bathroom, you probably just figured out) into the kitchen below. I may have fixed one of the faucets a few months ago but I really have no idea what to do with this, and we're about to call in a pro. Any idea what's going on back there (what could have popped loose) or a ballpark figure on what it'll cost? I just need to know if I need to go buy a house so I can mortgage it to pay for the plumbing repair... Thanks everyone!