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Thread: Kitchen sink and tub

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    Default Kitchen sink and tub

    I am perplexed. My kitchen sink drains just fine ... all into the tub. The tub does not drain at all. To go from the sink to the tub, the water must flow UPHILL, yet for the tub to drain it must go downhill, but won't. I have tried Drano unclog and it did abosulutely nothing. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts or suggestions? Thanks fo your help ...


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    I can't picture a tub in the kitchen! But that aside, you have a clogged drain, and you have found what is often pointed out on this site. Chemical drain cleaners don't work on drain clogs. They might get a trap that is full of grease, soap scum, and hair, but once your drain line is clogged, there's only one thing to do. Get your drain professionally augered. DIY augers usually will only shove the clog deeper and tighter, so get a pro that will do it right and be done with it.

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    Default drain..

    If you clean from either the sink or tub, you will open the drain.
    You need to use an motor driven drain cleaner.
    A tee and a plug near the trap under the sink would make a great way to clean the drain now and especially the next time that drain plugs up.

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    The rim of the sink if probably 36 inches from floor level. The tub, if it not on a different level of the house, the base is just an inch or 2. So you have 34 inches DOWNHILL for the water; no problem, even if a section of the connecting drain main was sloped 1/4" per foot.


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