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Thread: Leaking shower head

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    Default Leaking shower head

    My shower head leaks when the water is on to the tub. It leaked a lot, so the water would spray you in the face if you were in the tub and turned on the water. It's two handled with a pull-up diverter. So I replaced everything, the stem, seat, the diverter. Everything except the pipes behind the wall is new, and the flippen thing still leaks. It's not as stong of a leak as before but it is still leaking. Do I need to just go buy a whole new one or is there something I am missing. Thanks

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    Before you replace it all try this:

    Pull off the tub spout so you just have the piece of pipe coming out of wall.

    Turn on and off both hot and cold valves, NOT TOO HARD 'cause it will shoot across tub and splash everywhere . See if a screw or something else foreign comes out of the line. Check inside new tub spout and then re-install tub spout.It is my guess that something is blocking the full flow to the tub spout.


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