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Thread: Converting Shower Drain to Bath Drain

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    Default Converting Shower Drain to Bath Drain

    I have gutted my bathroom and want to replace a previously tiled shower with a drop-in Am Standard oval garden tub with self-supporting feet. (This tub is also sold as a whirlpool, so has under-deck clearance.) One installer has said that the existing center shower drain can be plumbed above the slab to connect to the right-drain tub; and another installer says no, the slab must be broken to a depth of two feet to re-route the drain. Are both of these methods feasible, but one preferable; or am I contemplating hiring someone who doesn't know what he is doing?

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    Default my 2 cents

    Busting up the floor will you give you a job without a call back ,in my opinion.

    I't will cost a little more,up front,but in the long run,it may be cheaper

    the pro to trust,in my opinion,is the bust out person

    They would rather loose a job ,than compromise 1 CHARACTER TEST

    Good luck Tool

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    Default Can You Tell Me More?

    I am a novice, and I keep thinking that the above-slab method would be less invasive (I would be less likely to have trouble relying upon someone's ability to properly install above-slab pipes then to install and then close-up the broken slab). I've just moved to a new state, so I don't have a great list of contacts for skilled plumbers/contractors. I really got worried when the fellow who wanted to break the slab didn't even look at the specs for the tub. Can you tell me more about why this is a better approach? Thanks much.

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    Default drain

    It is hard to describe the problem you will have, but if you try to do it, it will be apparent when the drain has to go past the bottom opening to connect to the overflow and then come back to the drain opening. Meaning that the space under the tub that the legs provide will not be anywhere near enough for what you have to do with the drain pipes. And once you complete it, you will have a drain that will be almost, if not completely, impossible to snake when it plugs up.


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