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Thread: question about waste drain for kohler tub

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    Default question about waste drain for kohler tub

    This is probably an obvious question to all you plumbers out there but I really don't know the answer. I purchased a Kohler cast iron tub (Memoirs K-722) and am wondering if I have to buy the "recommended" waste drain for this tub (Clearflo K-7161). I am trying to match the finish on my Delta faucet (Venetian Bronze) and think I can come close with "Vibrant Brazen Bronze" but there seems to be a problem with availability on that finish. I went online and found a couple of Delta bath waste drains (that would allow me to match the finishes perfectly) but don't know how to tell if they will "fit" my tub. So, my question is -- do I have to buy the drain that is recommended for the tub, or are these things standard enough that I could safely go with the Delta?

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    Buy the one you want........


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