I have an old electric well pump in the back yard. Years ago when city water was installed the lines were bypassed. Ive never seen the pump work and the change over occurred yrs ago before I bought the home. I want to remove the old electric pump and install a hand pump (Spring water around here is fantastic and the hand pump would be a novelty). The pump mechanism is set vertically over the top of the well pipe. Can I disconnect the pump safely and check the water level without loosing the piping into the well itself, this is my biggest concern? Does the piping into the well rest on the bottom of the well or is it suspended by the pump? There still is power going to the pump, few yrs ago I tried to prime the lines but was unable to: cant say whether it was me or the pump. Since then I turned the breaker to the pump off but now want to put a hand pump on. Is it possible?
thanks for the help.