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    Hello, I am installing a shower fixture and I知 trying to ensure I do it properly. Below is a picture. I need to bring the fixture out a bit to accommodate a change in the shower base dimensions. There are galvanized supply pipes coming from the ceiling. I知 attaching a dielectric union and then two or three 90 degree street elbows, a small copper piece and then a male adapter which attaches to the fixture. I知 applying wood glueJ/k! solder of course. My concerns are too many twist and turns. I guess I can just take the second street elbow out and make it a horizontal piece. I知 also unsure if soldering street elbows is adequate as they seem to have a looser connection as compared to say a street elbow connected to a regular piece of copper pipe. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I also posted this w/ a poor title on the shower forum. I apologize to the moderator/forum and will not double post in future.
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