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Thread: No hot water when faucet is turned on

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    I have a house which is less than 5 years old. In my second bathroom on the second floor, when the faucet in the bath tub is turned on, the hot water does not come so quickly. It takes 5-10 minutes for the hot water to turn up fully whereas both the faucets in the sink of the same bath room give hot water very quickly. Please advice.

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    The problem is the length of pipe between the water heater and this fixture is so great it take that long to flush the cold water from pipe. If this is a 3/4" pipe and the distance is fairly long, it will take considerable time. One way to remedy this is to install a recirculating system. There are 2 or 3 variations of these for different situtations. Laing is one company that makes the pumps. A Google will get you their website and give you a place to begin. If you can install a recirculating system, you will have instant hot water to every fixture on that hot water line.

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    If, while you can get hot water from the sink, but not the shower, and you probably have a pressure balance valve at the shower/tub; the spool valve is probably stuck.

    If you can't get hot water for a long time at either location, then you might want to consider a circulation system as noted.

    If you have the sink but not the tub/shower, then you can probably replace the pressure balance part of the valve. This is sort of a rod thatcan move back and forth to shut off the hot water if all of a sudden the pressure drops. This prevents you from getting all hot, if someone for example flushes a toilet and restricts the cold water supply.

    Can you tell what brand and maybe model, or describe what it looks like? If so, then more help can be provided.
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