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Thread: Attach faucet directly to granite counter?

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    Default HJ,HOW does the double cutters attach to the mandrel?

    I MUST HAVE 5 morse ones with a male thread and pin lock. vagely ,i seem to remember seeing this somewhere. the inside cutter would have to be longer to pilot ,i believe.

    on GROHE faucets , i believe the problems of slow flow come from the 2 filters on the feed ends blocking from minute debrea . i also had a friend ask me about reduced flow on theirs. Am a carpenter plumber ,and don't have the experiance of many knowegeable folks here.
    Thank's in advance for answers Tool

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    Is there a known problem with slow flow on Grohe faucets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hj
    You use one hole saw the size of the existing hole and then fasten it to the saw's mandrel, as a guide, inside the one for the new hole. The mandrel will have the instructions how to do it.
    Ooooo ... I love that solution!

    I could have used it yesterday as well as a week ago. Sigh.

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    Almost all faucets have screens on their inputs to block crud from getting to their insides. The crud, rust, sand, or who knows what, can ruin the cartridge. To prevent that from happening, they use the coarse filter screens on the input. You shouldn't have any stuff large enough to clog the screens running in your pipes, but if you do, it is better to block it so you don't ruin the cartridge. The screens can be cleaned...for free except for a little time, if and when it happens. The cartridge is not cheap, but may not be exorbitantly expensive, either depending on the brand. So, if the flow gets slow, clean the screens. Then figure out why they are getting clogged so it doesn't happen again.

    You car won't run if the fuel filter gets clogged either...should you remove the filter to try to get another few miles out of it as the injectors get clogged one by one?
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