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Thread: Water Softener Regeneration

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    Default Water Softener Regeneration

    How often should my softener regenerate? There are 2 adults and 2 children under 3 in the house. I have a Model 5600E Downflow FC-30 and it is currently set at 1000 of treated water before regeneration - this appears to be a standard setting - is this sufficient? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Default softener

    The regeneration cycle depends on the grain capacity of the softener, and the hardness of the water. With that information you can calculate the number of gallons, although the better softeners now are set for the water's hardness and it calculates the number of gallons before regeneration.

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    You need to know the hardness iron and manganese if you have you own well and just hardness if you are on city water. Then to learn how to set up your control valve see from the Formula for determining etc. section here.

    You set the salt dose lbs. in the right side of the back of your control valve. That's looking at the front of the control. You hold the black part to loosen the screw holding the white cam and line up he pointer on it to the number of lbs. on the black part. To select the salt dose, you must knw the volume and type of resin in the tank. Use the tank and volume sizes at the top of the page at the above link and assume regular mesh resin. Using the 30 you mention, you should have a 1 cuft softener.
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