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Thread: Basement Bath Rough-in

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    Default Basement Bath Rough-in

    Great Forum!

    One reason I bought this home is because previous owners opted for a basement rough-in. However, I'm not sure a tub can be done.
    A few questions:
    1. Is this current setup for just a toilet and sink?
    2. Is a tub possible given the current setup? I'm thinking I would have to put a drop in tub to allow for the p-trap and proper drainage?
    3. Any ideas on size and type of ejector pump ( basin appears to be 18" x 30"?
    4. Any idea on what gets hooked up to the threaded hole marked A on the basin ( I guess the pump would have instruction covering these openings?)

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    The ejector basin should have 3 penetrations besides the inlet which is already connected in yr config: a vent hole, a discharge hole, and a hole for power cords. The teeny hole on top appears to be the pump power cord hole. I would guess the top hole is the discharge and the A-hole (HAHA) is the vent. If they supplied you with a pump, then a peek inside the basin should make it clear.

    The question I have is where are the vents for the fixtures? I saw another post last nite by a guy with a similar config.
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    There are no vents that can be seen in the photos. You will need to find one to make this work. If it was roughed in right there should be one some where.

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    You should search this forum for 'basement' or 'rough in'. I've read about 3 posts in the past week from guys with your situation: basement rough ins that seem to be sans vents. I'm perplexed, bkz all these installations seem to contradict the installation advice of all the plumbers on THIS forum.


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    IMG 4475 shows the 2" vent ( capped on the bottom) that goes straight out through the roof.

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    that vent is for the pump. there should be a vent each for the toilet and the shower coming from the floor which would connect above with the pump vent then thru the roof.

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    Are you saying that there should be 3 seperate vents: 1 for the bath, 1 for the toilet, 1 for the sink?


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