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Thread: Marathon Water Heater

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    Question Marathon Water Heater

    Hi everyone, We're considering going the extra $$ and purchasing the 80 gal Marathon Hot Water Tank. Many of the Electric Coops are utilizing them and they look like they are a great idea. We still might have a water smell ---- but, great point is there is no anode rod. Great clean-out design. Many good features. Is it too good to be true? Any of you had any good/bad experience with them?

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    Talking marathon

    they are made by RHEEM...

    supposed to have a lifetime warranty on them.....

    or as long as you live in the house, its not transferrable.....

    they are ok....home depot is selling them for
    leterally below cost right now or cheaper than I can get them for.

    most plumbers are not too happy with Rheem ....

    because its hard to believe that I can buy a heater cheaper
    from home depot than I can from my wholesaler.....

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    They are definitely not available at our Home Depots in Ohio. Can only get through a plumbing dealer. Are they a good Hot Water Heater?

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    If any plastic water heater can be called "good" then I guess they are good. They are guaranteed for life, but that only means when it breaks they will give you a new one and you will have to install it, or pay to have it installed. If you buy one, read the instructions carefully, because many "lifetime" heaters are only guaranteed if you register them according to the instructions.


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