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Thread: Low Tank Blues

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    Default Low Tank Blues

    I bought a new elbow - I bought a new spud. Once I shorten the elbow to fit, I think that part of the toilet will be okay.

    I need a new flush valve. Should I get one of the brass models such as the one pictured (from DEA Baths)?

    I can't tell from this picture exactly how the flush valve fits into the "2 inch" spud.

    If I have the spud installed correctly, there are no threads on the side of the spud that's inside the tank. How do the flush valve and spud connect?

    Thanks for any help!
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    You will have to pull the tank to replace this. The large bottom nut comes off and is found on the old one on the underside of the tank. It sandwiches the tank. There should be or you will have to get a gasget that goes inside the tank under the douglas valve..

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    Default spud

    I don't know what you mean when you refer to the "spud". The spud is the part that fits into the back of the toilet bowl. The tank does not have a spud. The flush valve goes through the hole in the bottom of the tank and is secured with the lock nut. Then the flush ell goes into the spud and into the flush ell, where it is sealed with slip nuts and washers. You will have an easier time if you get the flush ell in place before inserting the flush valve and then slide the flush valve down onto it.

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    Default Looks like I got a spud I don't need

    I guess I misread the info at DEA Baths.

    The reason I had gotten the spud was I was having trouble getting the elbow piece to fit onto the bottom of the plastic flush valve, so I thought maybe I was missing a part.

    Maybe the elbow had been cut a little short (back in 1927), and that's why I couldn't get a good connection that wouldn't leak all over the place (?)

    So next question: Does the flush valve have to be metal? Or should the metal elbow and the new plastic flush valve fit together securely?

    Thanks again!


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