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Thread: LASIK eye surgery

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    Did you use any special lasik procedures to get your results? Such as Wavefront or Intralase?
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    Lasik is soooo yesterday. Go for implantable contacts!

    Ok, I'm being a bit facetious. Consider the risks and use the appropriate technology. You've only got two eyes and probably depend on 'em pretty much. Be real careful with any cutting, burning, or chopping since it will change the eye forever.

    I had implants installed about a year ago. No regrets even though vision at 12 inches is shot. It's 20/20 at anything over 2 feet.

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    I keep seeing the ads for laser eye surgery, but a lifetime of near-sighted astigmatism has me so used to glasses that I'll just chug along with them, and be grateful for having UV-blocking plastic armor between my peepers and a cruel world.


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