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Thread: shellback pump

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    Default shellback pump

    i have a laundry tub with shellback pump-this pump works very well but at times is very tempermental-by that i mean it won't shut off-i adjust the nut at times on the little bell housing but lately it wont do anything-i am afraid this pump will seize-i notice my wife hasn't had a filter on the drain water from the washing machine-is there a way to clean that bell out -could that be the cause-and what is the purpose of the switch since it does nothing when i need to use it-thanks for your assistance-rich

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    Unhappy Shellback pump / hazel park mi rip off!

    I have had nothing but problems with the SHellback pump that was in my home when we moved in 10 years ago. I had to replace this pump 2 times now, and had it in for repairs twice as well. They are very smooth talkers at this place. This last time charging me 75.00 for a cleaning. This pump not only does not work well, it is expensive to maintain. I recomemed going to Home Depot and getting a more dependable pump for less. Don't be fooled. The next time I have problems ( and I anticipate it ahead) I will dump this and get something that works!


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