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Thread: Water Backup into Bathtub when using sink

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    Default Water Backup into Bathtub when using sink

    HELP! As my wife was using the sink this morning the water started backing up in the bathtub and the standup shower. When we flush the tiolet the water does not go down and then as I try the plunger it the water backs up into the bathtub and shower again. The other bathroom upstairs is fine and so is bathroom downstairs. The house is only 3 years old. I'm at a loss. Thank you very much in advance.

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    Sounds like you have a clogged main drain line. Usually, these things don't block everything, but will slowly let some of the waste run by. So, upstairs has the full veritcal height of the pipe to fill up before you'd notice a problem. The clog is below the lower floors drains. Don't try chemicals to clean it out, you need a proper snake to clear it out.
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    Thank you jadnashus.

    Where would I need to use the snake at? I suppose into the toilet? It would have to be a very long one I suppose? Is this something I could do myself or would you recomend a plumber? Can you recomend a snake to do the job?

    Again Thank You!

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    Don't do a load of wash and go away either.
    Do you have septic tank or city sewer?
    Do you have a basement and do you know where the large clean outs for the sewer are?
    Have you noticed the kitchen and laundry are part if this situation?

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    The only problem seems to be in the master bath. Other two bathrooms are fine.

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    Very ofter DIY snakes are too light weight to get serious clogs, in fact, often it makes a clog worse be just pushing it deeper into the drain. My advise to you is to have the drain professionally augered. Yes, it will cost a few dollars, but if they don't get it the first time, they get to come back on there own dime. As previously noted, do not use chemical cleaners.


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