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Thread: Desparate for answers about Case 3000 toilet

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    Default Desparate for answers about Case 3000 toilet

    I have 3 Case 3000 model toilets, which are the one piece wall mount unit that is piped through the wall. I have been dutifully buying replacement parts for years and accepting the outdated look which includes 1950's green. Finally I have sprung a leak that has been narrowed down to a crack in the toilet. It will be excessively expensive to repipe for a a floor mount. Is there a toilet out there that can replace it or a place I can find a used Case? Can the toilet be repaired?

    Now I am afraid that the other 2 toilets will need to be replaced some time in the near future and I will have to rip out floors and walls basically replumbing the house. If there was a current wall mount toilet being made I would jump on it. All I seem to find are commercial units.

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    Hello Janine,

    Assuming your toilets have a tank there are some wall-mount toilets but usually two-piece. The American Standard Glenwall is one of them. We are in a similar pickle, one tank broke and, of course, Kohler did not have replacements anymore. I want to get away from wall mount yet avoid re-plumbing (space problems). So I am looking at the American Standard Yorkville which sits on the floor but discharges to the back. However, the waste plumbing for that one must be at exactly 4" above the floor.

    Be prepared for sticker shock. Whether wall mount or rear discharge these are usually well above $400 and special order.

    Regards, Joerg.


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