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Thread: pitless adapter

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    Default pitless adapter

    I woke up with no water so after a process of elimination I determined that the problem was beyond my limits, so I called in a well & pump spe******t.
    He came and determined that most likely my pump is bad. When he tried to remove the pitless adapter with the cable it is supplied with, it snapped. He then used a winch to lasso the lever and a steel pipe with a tap on the end to thred into the pitless adapter inorder to remove it. He got the pitless adapter up about 2-3 feet before it fell off the steel pipe and down 65 feet where it stopped. Now, the guy tells me I need to pay for him to bring his derrick truck in so he can retrieve the pitless adapter. But, ther is one small problem, he can't gurantee the pitless adapter will not get hung up on the well casing or on a seam and puncture the well casing rendering the well useless. Tough decision - any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default pulling pump

    I had a similar situation happened to me. I was having a bad pump being pulled up, when the plastic 1- pipe busted, and the pipe and the pump fell back down into the well. I was able to hook onto the truck rope that was teid onto the pump and we pulled up the pipe and the pump that way. The pump guy never told me that there was a chance that it would get hooked up, so maybe our situations are not the same, but everything worked out okay.

    Good luck, Mike

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    Sounds to me you may have called the wrong guy. Unless that $1800.00 includes the new pump and some other items.


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    if your well is in good condition you need a pitless unit. hire someone with a backhoe and a derrick truck. get the pump out. dig up the cheap pitless adapter and install a pitless unit. it is going to cost you some money, but it is worth it. you want to ask for a Monitor Pitless Unit. this will cost about $500 but you will never lose one of these down the hole. also, they don't have as much problem geting fozen and stuck in place. don't go the $35 pitless adapter route again.


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