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Thread: questions regarding glueing

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    Default questions regarding glueing

    Anything special about solvent glueing pvc pipe together. Do I you just apply primer to both sides, then apply cement, and then twist together while pressing the fittings in.

    Also how am I going to join abs to pvc pipe. I would like to use pvc pipe for this installation but my existing pipe is abs so I will have to make about 2-4 connections to the abs line with pvc pipe. What type of glue or fitting should I use for this. Thank you

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    If you've got abs, probably better to continue with abs. The glue is more of a solvent - it actually disolves the top layer. It evaporates fairly quickly leaving the two pieces welded together. The primer is basically a cleaner - it takes the top layer off and give the solvent a little "tooth".

    I'm not sure if there is a good way to connect abs to pvc, maybe. Suppose you could use a no-hub connector - they may be another approved way.

    Try to give the pieces a good twist when putting them together - it helps to ensure you get complete coverage and that you seat the pipe fully in the connector/fitting.
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    There is an all purpose glue which says it glues PVC to ABS. Plumbing inspectors may not allow it. You could use some kind threaded fitting.

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    Default pvc to abs

    I had the same situation when I remodeled my bath, existing abs drain pipes and there is no abs to be sold in my area, only pvc. people say abs has been banned because of its lower burnning point and fume emitted when on fire?

    some areas don't permit universal glue for pvc and abs. I ended up using mission coupling clamps for all abs/pvc connections. I think it's even eaiser.


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