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Thread: the distance between drain trap and vent fitting

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    Question the distance between drain trap and vent fitting

    I need to move kitchen drain to left along with window. Search for the codes about boring 2x4 stub in exterior wall, it seems doable. but I don't know if I need to move vent along with drain. Since I only need to move 1 or 2 feet from current spot, I may be able to get away from moving vent?

    I don't want to bore 2 holes in 2x4 for both drain and vent. if I have to move vent, then I will route the drain pipe from basement and come out from floor into sink base cabinet.

    Check 2 plumbing books, they says 2 different numbers.


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    For most kitchens, the trap arm is 1.5"

    the vent can be within 42" in the UPC code.

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    Terry, thank you
    The 1.5" you are refering to is the size of drain and trap, not length, right?

    the 42" distance is from p-trap to the vent T fitting?


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