Hi all, Got some questions if you don't mind answering.

1) Is access needed for drainage fittings on a bathtub? You usually use a drain waste and overflow assembly with trap here but I was wondering if I could keep it conceiled if I solvent glued the fittings instead of used a slip joint. The only joint of concern I think would be where the pipe connects to the tub. The reason is it is going on a whirlpool and the deck I would like to make it look nice instead of having another access panel in addition to the water pump.

2) Inorder to make a trap on a shower when you cannot have a cleanout you use a 180 degree turn with a 90 degree turn and solvent glue them? No access need here right?

3) Talking about drainage is it possible to conceal all fittings for the supply tubing. Do I need access to the shower supply fittings enclosed in the wall? Perhaps I can use a certain joint or tube to keep in concealed. Could I also get by with concealing all the supply tubing for the whirlpool faucet.

Thanks for helping me out.