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Thread: Green Stain in Kohler Toilets (1 year old)

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    Default Green Stain in Kohler Toilets (1 year old)


    I have two brand new Kohler toilets (about 1 year old). Inside the bowl, green stains are starting to appear where the water dispenses around the rim. We clean the toilets twice a week so it is not a maintenance issue. I am assuming that copper is leaching and calcifying around the toilet. We are also seeing the same staining on a very slow leaking bath fixture. We recently had to repair a pinhole leak in the copper pipe.

    Q: What could be causing this? I read about improper grounding on copper, etc.. Does anyone have a checklist that I could use to start hunting down the culprit and circumvent any future damage?

    Thanks everybody!


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    Default Pinhole leaks in Copper pipe and corrision

    It can be anything that is causing the corrision and pinhole leaking. There really is no proven reason as to why it happens. Some experts say it is caused by mineral content in the water, to as much as grounding problems. The only thing you can really do is to maybe look at areas that that are showing signs of possible corrosion and keep an eye on them.

    Also, if the ground is going to the cold water pipe, but you have PVC from the house to the main, of course there is no grounding between the house piping and the meter, which means any stray current has no place to go, which is also something that experts say can cause corrision.

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    Default Check the pH

    Copper is often corroded by acid water. Check the pH. You might want to correct it if pH is less than 6.5.

    If it is a municipal supply, they should be correcting the pH.


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