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Thread: Basement ejector pump/pipe diameter questions

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    Default Basement ejector pump/pipe diameter questions

    We have a Liberty #370 pit that was installed in our basement floor for a future bathroom. It has a 2" vent and a 2" line for the outgoing sewage in the lid, no pump installed yet. We also have two 2" vents that were capped at the basement ceiling level that go through our roof.

    From everything that I have learned about ejector pits from this forum and from reading about Zoeller pumps, I still have the following questions please...

    1. Does a quality ejector pump (Zoeller) do any "grinding" or minimizing of the waste and paper or does it just have the ability to pump 2" diameter solids?

    I would like to make sure that an ejector pump will handle any "suprises", including anyone that may be a little heavy on their use of the toilet paper, unless an grinder pump is not considered too much overkill for this. This pit and pump will service a toilet, bathroom sink and a wetbar sink.
    Most of the Zoeller pumps that I looked at on their website have a 2" diameter pipe as the output for the waste line. I have a 2" ABS drain line is in close proximity to the ejector pit (8' rise and maybe a 7' horizontal run)from the ejector pit that services a kitchen sink only. This 2" line then ties into our main 4" waste line.

    2. Can the line from the ejector pit be run into this same 2" waste line?

    If the sewage passes through 2" output from the pump, it seems (at least to a non-plumber) like you should be able to go into a 2" line. I have a feeling that code probably dictates that it must go into a larger diameter drain line, since our toilet lines are 3", but it still seems like an oxymoron if prohibited by code.

    Any help or information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    ps. I already know each fixture needs it own vent and they all would tie together into one of roughed in 2" vent line and the other 2" would be for ejector pump vent.
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    Our sewage ejector pumps are going to pass a 2" spherical solid, so yes you will have to use 2" minimum line with a full 2" check valve. Our model "820" grinder pump will grind up everything as it is discharging the waste. But as with all of our pumps, we do not recommend any feminine hygiene products.

    I would have to recommend the model 267 pump for your application.

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    Thank you very much for the info and recommendation...


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