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Thread: moving laundry machine - tie into floor drain

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    Default moving laundry machine - tie into floor drain

    I am by no means a plumber. forgive my ignorance. I want to move my washing machine and sink . I went to look at the floor drain where I would like to tie into. I noticed two black tubes entering the floor drain from either side. the drain has water sitting about 4 in. from the top of the slab floor. the only use that I know of is another tube from the furnace which periodically drains into the drain at ground level. The water sitting in the drain has a lot of sediment. Am i still able to tie into this drain.

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    My washer drains into our floor drain with no problem. Basically if it goes out to waste/sewer, I can see no problem. The reason ours drains into the floor drain, is because the lady that owned the house before us (house is over 60+ years old), did not want to pay to have someone tear up the slab to put in the proper plumbing, which makes sense on an older home.


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