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Thread: tub won't drain, other fixtures are fine...

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    Default tub won't drain, other fixtures are fine...

    We've a full bath (combo shower/tub, lav and toilet) where the tub either does not drain at all, or will take 48 hours to finally go down (when aided by chemicals I know I should not be using). The lav and toilet have no flush/drain problems, so I'm not thinking it's a bad vent situation...could it be?

    Replacing the tub and/or plumbing is a major effort given the location of this room in the house. Had a plumber out a few months back and he said he needed to remove it do get a better look at the piping to tell me what was wrong...which seemed like a bad idea (can you really remove the unit and put it back?)

    Any ideas on what might be the problem? Any thoughts on a less invasive way to fix it? It's our kids' bathtub and it's annoying to not be able to bath them there everyday.

    Thanks, Matt

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    First, vents don't cause slow drainage. It is a clog. Has anyone tried to get a snake down through the overflow plate on the tub? Have you or the plumber removed the stopper mechanism from the tub to ensure it is not causing the problem?

    It would be almost unheard of to have to remove a tub to fix a drain problem. We never say never in plumbing, but the first plumber gave up way too soon in my opinion.

    If this is on the second floor and you really needed to access the piping, you could go through the ceiling easier than removing the tub. If on a slab, you may have access to the back of the tub through an adjacent wall.

    But these measures are usually only necessary to fix leaks. I would get one more plumber in to have a go at it.

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    Right on Jimbo!! You have a stopped up drain. Most likely in the waste and overflow fitting on the tub. Tear out the fixture to get a better look? Fire the Plumber.


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