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Thread: TOTO Promenade Issues

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    Default TOTO Promenade Issues

    I am a Kitchen & Bath designer with a General Contractors license in Fairfax County Virginia and have used TOTO toilets for more than 10 years with a high degree of confidence and great customer satisfaction.

    My ENTIRE business is based on client referrals - I have not advertised in YEARS and so - like many of the other professionals on this forum - I take my reputation very seriously.

    I recently had my (long time) Licensed plumber install the TOTO Promenade CST424 SFG
    within a few months of installation, the valve inside the tank began to leak after flushing

    Rather than solve this with incremental steps - we replaced the entire tank - not just the interior parts - this seemed to correct the problem of water leaking in to the bowl - However there is now a different problem - rather difficult to observe, but happens more than half the time the client uses it

    The only way it can be describe is by saying that it sounds like a " air bubble" in the tank, coming from the water control system inside of the tank. Contrary to the previous problem, no water flows inside the toilet bowl.

    TOTO is now sending new interior parts for the toilet -

    I am told by other industry professionals that TOTO toilets have recently caused issues in the field - this is why I chose to replace the entire tank and not just the interior parts - to "put this to rest" and delight the client with superior customer service

    How much more money do I need to spend on my plumber to correct this problem?

    HOWEVER - this new issue leaves me wondering whether I should replace the Toto with a Kohler Highline?

    Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Both your experience and your opinion is welcome

    Thank you

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    As a designer, I would think the proper Kohler replacement for the Promenade would be the Kohler Tresham.

    I have a little information on fill valves here.

    Does the home have galvanized piping? Some of the fill valves have a screen on the incoming water supply, and if they gunk up, cleaning helps.

    And by the way, TOTO has been the most trouble free product I sell.
    And I do sell all the brands.
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    What you "were told" is total bullshit. Keep using Toto.

    As a licensed contractor, you should probably know how to change a fill valve, which takes my grandmother 3 minutes to do.Changing the whole tank was dumb and unnecessary. Instead of delighting the customer, you persuaded her that the problem was more significant than it was. The tank is just a porcelain vessel with two plastic and rubber devices in it, fill valve and flush valve, each of which can easily be replaced. Leaks and such are trivial and a function of those. Flushing performance is a function of design, which is immutable. Put in the Toto TSU99A.X fill valve and you will be fine. Switch to Kohler? Puh-leese. Worst move you will ever make.

    PS You replaced a tank instead of a 6 dollar flapper. That your plumber let you do that means it's time for a new plumber. That leak could well have been caused by your client's use of an in tank bowl cleaner, which all manufacturers discourage as it dissolves rubber parts.
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    If the home has excessive water pressure, often the toilet fill valve is the first to show the signs. Anything over 80psi should have a pressure reduction valve and an expansion tank installed to reduce it, and to help maintain a more constant pressure. It wouldn't hurt to check.
    Jim DeBruycker
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