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Thread: UPC toilet top lever

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    Default UPC toilet top lever

    I have a one piece toilet with a top lever. The chrome lever broke and I am unable to find the part to replace it.
    The toilet has UPC at the back of the toilet seat. The tank cover has these numbers written inside:
    Made in U.S.A. - 4025; 4026; MJAN229375
    I tried Crane but I was not able to locate a flush lever that operates from the top of the tank cover.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    UPC means that Uniform Plumbing Code deems it compliant to their standards.
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    4025 4026 is American Standard i believe it was a "Compact" toilet.
    The replacement trip lever for it is a model number 047148-0020A Chrome.
    You should be able to get a fit's all handle from the big box store, Fluidmaster has one it's part nuumber 681c that will bend in lots of different directions.


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