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Thread: American Standard Champion 4 toilet review and pictures

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    Default American Standard Champion 4 toilet review and pictures

    removed my water guzzling 1989 American Standard 2 piece low profile toilet 2 months ago. Old toilet serviced me well up until the last few years. Had some cloging problems, cleaning issues but just couldn't handle the water consumption anymore. I spent approx. 3 months researching everthing available in new and improved. Did not want to spend over $750.00. Did not want to have issues with installation, leaking or cleaning problems. I purchased a Champion 4 Right Height Elongated One Piece Toilet. I felt their demo video on their web site was a little over done, I was wrong. This toilet is more than what I expected and I expected alot. The one piece was very easy to install as I did it myself with a little assistance from my son. We are a family of 4 and have not had even the slightest problem at this point. It wipes clean instantly with little effort. I have adjusted the factory 6 litre consumption back to 5 litre and flushes perfectly. I actually had it flushing on 3 litres. Four inch flush valve is second to none. I could not find any weak areas in the internal componets and any required future service would appear to be quite simple. I payed $580.00 plus tax Canadian from Home Hardware in Nova Scotia. Money well spent. Wish this toilet was available years ago. F. Feetham Monday, January 28 2008

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    Default Champion 4 toilet

    Has anyone out there had any bad experiences with the new champion 4 toilet. I am curious if the redesign on the flush tower had helped out the design in general. The physics sound pretty good, but the proof is in the pudding. The old toilet was a bomb.... how about the new one? did the design change redeem itself. I know that there are some out there with sour expereinces from the last one.

    I am designing a house right now and I have been reading about different toilets and looking at the designs. I was initially going to go with the champion 4 toilet, but got to reading and I then decided that either the toto drake or the cadet 3 might be the way to go. I was going to the plumbing supplier soon to look at the designs a little better. I was wondering if I should give the champion 4 another chance or just pass it by for either the drake or the cadet.

    Any input?

    Would like to hear of recent Champion 4 experiences-post...post...post



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    I installed a Champion 4 toilet in my house about 6 months ago.

    When I set the toilet on the wax ring, I didn't notice it being particularly difficult, but I am not familiar with many other toilets and their relative weights. I had installed Kohler Wellworth lite 3.5 gal flush toilets about 15 years ago, and it was not much harder. My guess is that the Champion weighs more because of the 2 3/8" trapway - a good tradeoff in my opinion.

    I had read about the recessed screws in the tank and someone posted to use a 1/2" deep socket. I tried this when installing the tank and it was simple and easy. I followed the directions to center the tank on the bowl and tighten the screws evenly and had absolutely no problems. The gasket that goes on it is incredibly thick and compresses a lot. I can see how it would be very difficult with the chintzy wrench they supply with the toilet.

    I have been using the toilet for the last 6 months without a single clog. It has incredible flushing power and it amazes me every time I flush because is uses so little water and yet has so much force. In fact, I have lowered the water level on the Champion as low as it will go to conserve water. The toilet is also very quiet - the whole flush is over in a couple of seconds and the refilling of the tank is pretty quiet.

    The toilet wash function works very good - it is a very shot duration intense whirlpool of water that effectively cleans the bowl. The everclean anti microbial surface probably helps in this regard also - water still beads on the surface after 6 months with no cleaning.

    I installed AS Cadet 3s in my other two bathrooms. They are the one-piece, ADA height, 1.28 gallon, watersense, elongated version. They also have exceeded my expectations. I would rate the Champion as the better of the two models in raw power, but the Cadets have never clogged either. My water bill has been almost halved.

    I have had no problems with the quality or reliability of any of my AS toilets (so far). If I have a flapper problem with the Cadet 3, I will take 5 minutes and replace it, but I honestly don't believe that it will be necessary.

    The flush tower on the Champion 4 has been redesigned, and I am not expecting any problems with it either. It has a 10 year warranty that covers all parts of the toilet including the internal parts.

    I installed a Toto S300 washlet seat on the Champion (it would not fit on the Cadet 3 one-piece toilets that I have.) In order to install this seat, the holes for the seat have to be exactly the right dimension or it will not install. It installed perfectly on my Cadet 3 and Champion toilets. I had to remove it from the Cadet 3 because the base of the seat just barely contacts the bevel in the ceramic that goes up to the tank.

    All in all, I am absolutely thrilled with the performance, price and quality of the 4 American Standard toilets that I have installed, but the Champion 4 is my favorite by a small margin.
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    Thing is Tom they had to go with a 10 year guarantee after the performance of the champion 1, 2, & 3....

    When You build junk you have to sweeten the pot...

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    The champion 4 flush valves have been changed since all of those posts. American standard reconized that there was an issue and the fixed the the flushing system on those toilets. I have this toilet for 2 years and never have had any trouble with it. hope this info helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenniferdilts View Post
    The champion 4 flush valves have been changed since all of those posts. American standard reconized that there was an issue and the fixed the the flushing system on those toilets. I have this toilet for 2 years and never have had any trouble with it. hope this info helps
    I installed a Champion 4 (purchased from Home Depot) in October of 2007. I absolutely love it. It just will not clog. I may be jinxing myself, but we have had no problems with the flush valve.

    It is a big heavy piece of porcelain, but as a homeowner how many times do you install a toilet (Hopefully just once unless you do it wrong!).

    I have no problem recommending one. We will probably be replacing the the other toilets in our house with these.

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    I just picked up my second champion 4. They have been excellent and trouble free. I checked the blue seal on the first one and it's blister free. I've only seen one comment on a blistered seal so it's a possible fluke. The reviews on the updated champion 4 are excellent and I would recommend it.

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    My contractor installed one AS champion 4 toilet for a renovation job,I bought this unit at Lowe's. It had stop working with less than one month of usage. The incoming valve just stop working now, no matter how I tweak it, there's no water flow. Any idea ?

    I am not sure whether I can return it, since I've threw away all the packaging. I also don't understand the mechnism, the outlet valve is set at 3-4 inches height, I guess for low flow purpose, that means bottom 30% water will never be used, does it make sense to anyone here ?

    Sorry for the naive question, I am new home owner.

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    If you have one of these, replace with a normal supply.
    The Watts Floodsafe will shut off water to the fill valve.

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    Thanks for the reply, but the supply line does have water flow; I will try the fluidmaster trick then.

    But a quarter tank of staled water still bothering me. It must be a design flaw, and I failed to see the point of it. Also we cann't get used to the short spurt of flushing, always thought it does not run well. Wish I had kept that old toilet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whou69 View Post
    But a quarter tank of staled water still bothering me. It must be a design flaw, and I failed to see the point of it. Also we cann't get used to the short spurt of flushing, always thought it does not run well. Wish I had kept that old toilet.
    If you are referring to the fact the tank doesn't empty during a flush, that is completely normal, and expected. They use the height of the water in the tank, just like a water tower that may supply your home, to provide that extra 'oomph' to what does get dumped into the bowl. For a low-flow toilet to work well, it usually tries to dump nearly all of the required water at once. If you design it right, that only takes a very short time. None of this fill the bowl, then think about draining from the old water hogs.
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    I see... I guess it will take us awhile to get used to it...

    At last, I figured out the toilet problem, it was due to a gadget called "floodsafe" connector, which supposed to shut itself off due to water pressure but somehow switch off for whatever reason; hmm... for whatever its worth, people do make technical advance on this century old technology.

    If you look above, I mentioned the Floodsafe problem on the 9th.
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    So what are the known issues with the latest revision of the Champion 4? The HD guy said that they had nothing but problems with the older ones. However, he recommended Kohler which seems to be far worse.

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    The red seal is for the original Champion (white) flush tower. The seal for the new Champion 4 flush valve is blue. I had to call up for a new blue seal after about a year as it did blister and started to leak. I haven't seen these new blue seals at HD and Lowes yet, and a local plumbing supply house did not have them either. You can buy them here if you don't want to wait for AS to send you one under warantee.

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    Default Omfg

    I **WISH** I googled champion4 toilet before I decided to buy this piece of crap. I've replaced a bunch of toilets, most of them being with the cheapos costing around a $100, and they are still going strong after years. I bought this model back in March of this year. No more than 4 months later, I started hearing the toilet cycle constantly. I didn't have time to mess with it all summer until now.

    What I can't believe is this problem still prevails in 2009.

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