I just moved into a new (new to me, that is) house and discovered that turning on the furnace mounted humidifier floods the basement floor. Name:  2014-02-03 20.55.59.jpg
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The first picture shows how the humidifier overflow is configured. At first I thought that one of the fittings was leaking, but in fact it's just that the water doesn't move through that "trap" quickly enough. It's a flow through humidifier and sometimes the water flow overflows the top of that open PVC pipe. I'm wondering why the traps are there anyway. Here's where the pipe connects to the drain line:Name:  2014-02-03 20.57.14.jpg
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As you can see it is sitting in that drain pipe with plenty of air space around it. If the traps are to prevent sewer gas, they won't server any purpose here. I'm assuming that there is a trap under the floor, but I have no way to verify it except that there is no smell. (The other line that connects in is a condensate drain from an upstairs air conditioning unit.)

Could I just cut the section above the furnace out and replace it with a 90 degree off the AC condensate pipe and an open T into which I put the plastic tubing from the humidifier?