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Thread: advice for 10' run inside 2x8

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    Default advice for 10' run inside 2x8

    Due to some renovations in my house which involve the relocation of the main vent, I need rework my 2nd floor toilet drain. The new distance from the flange location to the stack is 10'. I have 2x8 floor joists so I have 7 1/4 of space to work with. The subfloor in the bath 1/2, and I will probably be at a full inch from the top of the new flange to the bottom of the subfloor after a tile floor install. what flange and 90 bend in 3 in PVC would be best so I can get my proper slope inside the joist.



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    A 4x3 spigot closet bend is the best you can do.

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