@Jim DeBruycker: What IS wrong with you? Don't you have a life? Yes, yes, if you do everything perfectly as Schluter reccomends, and all the plumbing is perfect, as Schluter reccomends, then everything will be 'perfect'. Otherwise you will be im-perfect, and thus rot in hell, along with the sheetrock backer you used. And if you did use cement board - well then you are not 'pure' and may not go to Schluter Heaven.

Your acting nuts Jim boy!!!!!

After reading all your rants I think that maybe you should start the 'Schluter Religion' - convert as many as possible. Just as any religion, you want to convert others to your belief.

So what? Why do I, or anyone else give a Rat's A** about your opinion. It's unreal to read your insistance about a product that you have no connection to.

You're correct Jim - Schluter is the 'tile god' or 'shower god' or 'membrane god'. It's all good. Calm down and put your GI Joe pajamies on and get some rest.