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Thread: Plumbing and floor plan

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    Can a professional plumber plumb new construction regardless of the floor plan. is there always a way to accomplish the plumbing.

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    10 times out of 10, yes. If the framer doesn't make allowances for certain crucial drain stacks in the home, the framer has to come back and either move joists or header them off to make it work. Floor plans designed by any architect, engineer, carpenter hold a large part of the responsibility of how things *mesh* in the design and planning of DWV systems installed by plumbers.

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    Default plumbing

    As I told a carpenter foreman on one job where the rough floor was also the final floor, "You can cut the opening I need to put the plumbing in, or I can do it. The only difference will be that I will not worry about how you will be able to put it back." All things are possible, as long as you do not get discouraged.


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