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Thread: Best Skirted Toilet for Guest Bath? Nexus, Maris or Aquia?

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    Default Best Skirted Toilet for Guest Bath? Nexus, Maris or Aquia?

    We are remodeling and our guest bath will need a new toilet. The old toilet had a 5 gallon tank. I know the newer toilets will be totally different so our expectations have to be reasonable. We have narrowed our choices to the Nexus, Maris and Aquia. I have heard the eco versions do pretty good compared to their 1.6 counterparts. I can go either way as long as it does the job. Besides it needing to be a skirted toilet, my next criteria would have to be good bowl wash. I am a little nervous when I hear about streaking as this will be a guest bath. There is not a lot of information about the Meris floor model. I only knew of it when I visited the Toto showroom today and didn't recognize it as one I'd seen on the Toto website. The search on the Toto website doesn't even include it when you choose "skirted" as one of the search criteria. I believe it just came out the fall of 2012. There isn't a lot of real life experience documented for the Maris. I know the Maris has the dual flush and the Sanagloss. The Nexus and Aquia don't. Does Sanaglass make THAT much of a difference? Will parts be that hard or expensive to get for the Maris compared to the other two?

    Thanks for your assistance, this is a great site!

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