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Thread: how does a one piece toilet work?

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    Default how does a one piece toilet work?

    we are researching toilets and have found a couple one-piece toilets we like. speaking with the sales person he was saying that the one piece toilets can be lower and have smaller tanks(?!) because they actually keep water not only in the tank but below the tank in the cavity of the toilet. i was very confused and he could not explain it any further (we must've exhausted his technical knowledge, or he was making stuff up).

    now this is me being more curious than anything- can someone point me to a website as that explains it well or can someone explain what this guy was trying to tell me. most of the sites i've found which explain how a toilet works are focused on the traditional 2 piece system.

    thank you, cs

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    He was referring to toilets of the past. The old low boy one-piece toilets that came with high volume fill valves. Some of those used 9.5 gallons on the flush. We're talking 80's and older.

    New toilets, since 1992 have used 1.6 gallons or less. It has been at least that long since the one-piece toilets are now like the two-piece toilet counterparts. You have a tank above the bowl, and the water drops through the flush valve and flushes the bowl.

    Is your guy making stuff up? More like recalling ancient history month.

    A current one-piece Ultramax toilet by TOTO

    Kohler Santa Rosa, with flush canister and a Fluidmaster fill valve.
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