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Thread: Help choosing a control system and manifolds for Hydronic Heating

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    Default Help choosing a control system and manifolds for Hydronic Heating

    I need to decide on a control system for the hydronic heating and would love to hear you suggestions. A few detail of the project:
    • Navien CH-180ASME boiler
    • Wirsbo 3/8” PEX tubing installed 8”OC with joist track panels
    • Zone 1 & 2
    o Total 8 loops (1,600 feet of tubing)
    o 2 manifolds will supply zone 1 (3 bedrooms) and zone 2 (living/dining/kitchen)
    o Total radiant load 14,000 BTU/Hr
    o Radiant tubing volume 8 gallons
    o Total flowrate: 3 USGPM
    • Zone 3
    o basement (basement will be remodeled within the next 2 years) will have radiant panels installed
    o 6,000 BTU/hr
    Planning on using these controls:
    • Outdoor sensor
    • T-75 Wireless Thermostats for Wireless Zoning System along with the C-55 (base unit), and an I-75 interface from Uponor
    • Floor sensors, should I install them as well?
    In terms of manifolds, what would be better: Uponor TruFLOW Jr.Manifolds or the engineered plastic Uponor EP Radiant Heat Manifolds? I am definitely getting one with flow meters and balancing valves. How about using actuators? Would you use one manifold with actuators to control all rooms separately. Please advice.

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    I've fairly new to all of this, but I've researched the manifolds fairly heavily for my upcoming install. My input is that the actuators seem to be specialized for that particular brand and type of manifold, which makes me nervous for finding replacement parts in the future. The moving parts seem to be the weakest link, so one could reasonably expect failures before the static components. If you're already planning on breaking up the zones onto separate manifolds, why not zone valves or separate circulators before each manifold? The popular zone valves all seem to have been around for a while with replacement power heads available, and if not available, it seems easier to substitute a new zone valve vs. having to figure out a manifold actuator replacement.

    Also, I believe I have read somewhere that increasing zones (3 zones to 8 zones) may decrease your efficiency (many more zone calls not happening at the same time). It would certainly increase the cost of parts as well!

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