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Thread: ABS/DWV repair

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    Default ABS/DWV repair

    On a 2" line, old 20 year ABS, it's leaking around the joints a little bit. Is there something you can buy to rejoin or meld or some kind of sleeve or should it be replaced? This particular union is the straight extension fitting into a Y. I tried dobbing some ABS cement around it but that really didnt help. Suggestions?

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    Sometimes, ABS will crack over time.
    If your fitting is leaking, I would cut it out and replace it.

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    Especially if you are in California or Arizona, you are in the time frame when there was some bad ABS pipe around. Cracked at the fittings. There was a class action suit, but it may be over. See if you can read a manufacturer's name printed on the pipe.

    Regardless, the best recommendation is to remove and replace the damaged parts. Anything less will always be suspect.

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    Default ABS Lawsuit

    Thanks, I found that stuff. The brand on the pipe says "Standard" but it was installed around the time here in Nevada. Might be something to all that.


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