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Thread: Basement plumbing roughin

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    Default Basement plumbing roughin

    Our builder roughed in "full" bathroom plumbing (toilet, sink, shower and wetbar sink)when we built our house. Now we are ready to finish off the basement and I have a few questions please...

    All the basement roughin plumbing has been run to an ejector pit.

    1. We have decided that we don't need a shower in the basement. Can the shower drain roughin pipe be cut off and capped just below the floor level? (I know this is probably a very basic question, but I just want to make sure)

    2. Our builder had the foresight to run two 2" ABS vents that run all the way out the roof and are just "capped" in the basement for this future use.

    Should the ejector pit pump be run to one of these vents and the additional vent be used to tie all the other vents for each fixture (sink, wetbar, sink)?

    Sorry for the "newbie" questions...

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    Default questions

    From your description, the answer to all three questions would be "yes".


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