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Thread: Shower drain

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    Default Shower drain

    Hi All,

    I am replacing a bathtub with a shower. The drain is 1 1/2 all the way to the main horizontal stack. Please take a look at the attaached picture and let me know if my plan is OK ? Is the toilet flange to close to the new wye ? The distance is about 11".

    Thanks much
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    Code nearly everywhere requires 2" for a shower; 1.5" is fine for a tub.
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    Thanks for your reply and sorry for the confusion - I was in a hurry and didn't explain enough what I need -

    I rented a demo hammer and dug all the way to the main stack. I need to replace the existing 1 1/2" drain with 2". I thought I will find a 2" pipe somewhere to attach the new shower drain but no luck. My plan is to cut that 3" pipe and insert a 3x3x2 wye and go from there.
    Is any minimum required distance from the toilet flange to the wye ?

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    you can put it as close to the toilet vent as you like. Make sure you vent the shower(11/2).

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    Default 11/2 to 2 coupling

    Thanks much for the answers.

    Is using a 11/2 to 2" coupling to connect the new 2" pipe to the existing 3x3x11/2 wye an option ?



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