Hi all,
I am looking for a solution for my parents. My father has hemiparalysis after a stroke and suffers from many ailments that have rendered him very weak. However, he refuses to use a wheelchair, scooter or adult potty chair. More and more, he cannot make it to the bathroom in time. My Mom has just been diagnosed w/ a disease that is attacking her lungs and is on O2 and weak herself. They refuse to move as they have lived in the house for over 50 years.
I am looking at toilet solutions. I came across "Bathroom Anywhere" and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these rear outlet toilets w/ macerating pumps.

Also, does anyone know if there are rear outlet comfort height toilets or other solutions for a large person that has trouble getting up from the toilet and doesn't have the use of his left hand?

Or if anyone knows of any other options for installing a toilet without tearing up the slab, I would appreciate it.

The house layout is an old farmhouse w/ basement to which my parents added on a small apt on the side for my grandparents. The addition is built on a slab. My parents now primarily live in the apt. as there are no stairs to climb. My father practically lives in his recliner which is on the outside corner of the addition ~30ft from the original house and the plumbing stack. He loves to sit there because he is next to the door and can let the cats and dog in and out and look at the deer.

Thanks in advance for your input.