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Thread: Restaurant plumbing corrections

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    as a homeowner I'm allowed to do anything I please, in my state, county, city.
    When I travel to other countries, you know, the ones where you can't drink the water without getting sick, so therefore you need to take shots "before" you go, and they tell you don't drink from a bottle unless it top "pops" off. Don't drink from refilled bottles

    What makes this a first world country is licensing of certain fields.
    Plumbing is one, and that is so that we don't poison the community water supply, which has happened with restaurant plumbing. That is why it requires a commercial license to work on that plumbing. Four years under an apprenticship. At the end of four years, you can take the commercial test for plumbers. They don't view it as a learn as you go type of thing.
    It may be that the local inspector has no idea that the person doing the work is unlicensed. I rarely get asked for my card, even though I carry it in my wallet.
    Whenever I get back from traveling, I feel like kissing the ground here. It is so much cleaner and safer. And that takes cooperation, and laws, and people that follow laws.
    If you want to see what it's like to have the freedom to polute your neigbors water, just travel to those areas of the world. See it first hand. It will change the way you think.
    And by the way. The bible has plenty of "laws" mentioned in it. One is to treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated.
    In other words, don't mess with the water supply we all drink from.

    A picture showing more of the job would help. Seeing just a few fittings doesn't show much of the layout.

    This is true freedom. There are no electrical or plumbing laws here.

    Electrical wiring in India. They have more freedom there. Don't you wish the US had freedom like this to run wires anyway you like?
    But wait......we have lawyers here. We sue people that kill our kids by electrocuting them.

    A public sewer line and convenient bathroom. This is why most of the women have long dresses. They can squat over the ditch.

    A woman pumping water, just a few feet from the sewer ditch that people pee in.
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