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Thread: Weil-McLain possessed after midnight

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    Default Weil-McLain possessed after midnight

    Hello All, I am new to boilers, first house with one, I have:
    1. Weil-McLain boiler
    2. L8124A aquistat (set to 160-180 20 diff)
    3. Taco 007-F5 circulator
    4. CT87A Honeywell thermostat
    5. Vent-Rite VR30 expansion tank
    6. Cast Iron radiators

    All pictured in this link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r8fvtowz6s6fhlk/EfNJytBgBi

    The problem I am having is this, I crank my thermostat to 70, the system will call for heat and it will get within 5 degrees of 70, during this process it comes on and off frequently until it reaches the 68, I assume the on off is normal until it reaches the desired temperature?. Personally I thought it would run continuously until it reaches my temp.

    Now it seems that every time after 12 or 1, I am guessing the coincidence is when the temperature drops in the 20's outside, the broiler runs continuously, but provides little to no heat, this morning when it happened around 3 am I checked the radiators and they were cold to the touch.

    Where would I start looking to fix the problem, could it be a faulty thermostat? any help would be appreciated.
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