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Thread: Replaced fill valve, no water fills in tank.

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    Even with the OK from the condo assn, you're getting into something that could come back to bite you on the you-know-what. The possibility of something happening that could affect other units may exist. You will be liable for any damage to others property and belongings that you might cause. Sorry to sound like an old lady, but stuff does happen. Certainly check the things like the supply hose and anything else that easy, but if that fails, it might be wise to hire a professional who is licensed and insured. I'm just suggesting you proceed with care.

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    It is possible that this branch of the water system is clogged with small rocks. You could install a tee with another shut off valve and hook an air compressor or portable air tank to the line to dislodge the clog. You can charge it with air and then turn the air off and turn the valve on the side outlet of the tee to see if flow has been restored. The rocks might be big enough that the angle stop might need to be removed. If it does, you could install a full port ball valve and an adapter that would accept the compression end of the supply line. If this is the case I would most certainly install a whole house water filter. This is always your first defense for such a problem.

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    well, the pipe goes into the unit below, so couldn't get in there since people aren't occupying it. What i did was run a line from the sink pipe/valve, into the toilet now. everything seems to be working fine.

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