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Thread: Takagi T-Kjr flashing 4 code

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    Default Takagi T-Kjr flashing 4 code

    I have a Takagi T-Kjr with a 4 flash code after the water runs and stops, I have to hit reset button to get hot water again and it will stay running as long as I don't shut the hot water off but as soon as I do I get a 4 code after the fan purges.
    Steps I've taken:
    1. replaced pressure switch.
    2. cleaned burner and flu according to Takagi tech support. (done it twice)
    3. changed switch #6 to on (outside) even though it's inside.
    4. cleaned fan

    Relevant info:
    its a 2 year old LP heater and was working flawlessly until i decided to take out the pressure switch to put in to an identical unit for my floor heat, that is when i started to get the 4 code, even after swapping back the pressure switch and putting a new one in, I still get the 4 code. Any help would be great.

    I tried blowing off the dust from the fan blades again and the heater worked as it was suppose to for about 5 or 6 times then it stopped working and started flashing a 4 code again. Is there any type of a sensor that I am missing that needs to be cleaned ?

    after many days of waiting I finally got an email from a service tech and the suggestion he gave solved it. Make sure the tube for the pressure switch is in the L for low pressure and not the H for high pressure. Bam !!! it's been working fantastic for months.
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